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Are you a list maker? Do you like to check things off your list? Are you the type that would complete a task, realize it was not on the list; add it to the list simply to check it off as DONE?


A single mom's honey-do-list for her father.

How about making lists for others?

Many of you are familiar with a Honey-Do-List. The list of chores that you make for your husband or mate to complete probably on the weekends?

Honey-Do-Lists sometimes comprise of the grimiest of tasks, the “Mr. FixIt” kind of work, or things requiring height that we may not have naturally.

Sure, we ladies could accomplish any and all of these tasks if we really wanted to, but we choose not to! RIGHT?

Well, as a single woman fortunate enough to have my father alive and well, I am always prepared with a list of things for him to do around the house while he visits.

At first, it felt weird to have him working while he is supposed to be on vacation.

But I convinced myself that he really wanted to help me out; that sitting around on the deck, rocking in the rocking chair, sipping lemonade, and soaking up the sun, really wasn’t what he came to NC to do.

My Dad could relax at home…he was, after all, retired! He was on the perpetual vacation.

So in my own slightly warped mind, I rationalized that since he did not have to work, any choice to do work meant that he wanted as much work as possible, so that when he returned home to continue his retirement-like-vacation, he could then rest!!

See the logic?

So, I piled on the chores.

Besides, my dad knew that I simply did not have the time to do all the things on the Papa-Do-List and take care of the kids and work a full-time job. (cue the violins)

(By the way, my Dad is called Papa by all his grandkids, hence the name of the list!)

My only other recourse would be to pay someone to do the work for me; particularly those “Mr.FixIt” kind of activities.

So, to save me a few dollars, because I. Am. On. A. Budget (read this post for the inside joke), my Dad eagerly accepts his Papa-Do-List.

There have been times when he has stepped off the plane with his own list ready in hand!

This was one of those times.

A single mom's honey-do-list for her father.

My Dad’s Papa-Do-List focused on the following tasks:

  1. Yard work – weeding, planting flowers, watering the flowers, applying pine straw and mulch in the flower bed
  2. Defrosting the freezer in the garage and organizing the meats inside
  3. Fixing a light fixture
  4. Installing air filters throughout the house
  5. Installing framed pictures
  6. Adjusting the height of screen door
  7. Washing machine repair
  8. Organizing plastic bins and other stuff in the garage
  9. Reinforced the cement pallets where we park the trash cans
  10. Things I have yet to discover…(He had time while I was at work to get into stuff) LOL.

Very rarely, as a single mom, do I feel as if someone is taking care of me… but when my parents visit I’m blessed with the opportunity to breathe a little deeper and a little slower.

I relish these times with my parents!

I am so thankful that they are both alive and well, able to spend time with their grandkids and care for me the way they do.

Although my Papa-Do-Lists are the running joke in the family, and a few friends make fun of me for it, the list (and more importantly, my Dad’s desire to complete the list), brings me such joy!

As Father’s Day is approaching, I want to take this opportunity to thank my Dad for who he is and all that he has done for me.

I am so very grateful.

And for all those dads out there that have been there for their kids, giving their very best.

I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day! You are appreciated!

Peace and blessings!


A single mom's honey-do-list for her father.




18 thoughts on “DON’T JUDGE MY PAPA-DO-LIST!!”

  1. My dad recently retired, too. I often ask him to take care of things I can’t do…but I also go in with the mindset of, “what would I do if he wasn’t home?” I’ve learned how to do so many things (or call someone else, lol!). No judgements here!

  2. Your post is so sweet… I think that do list is really awesome especially if the recipient of such list was able to read and realize that it’s for her. Advance Happy Father’s day to your Dad!

  3. I never make an actual list for my husband, but if he’s off and I am not then I do share a couple of things that need to get done and the importance of the ones that need to be done immediately.

  4. Hahha 🙂 ‘A papa to do list’ sound funny and cool. Never heard of it before. I am gonna make it for my dad too now.

  5. Wow! You have been blessed that your dad stays near and helps you with chores that you need to get it done! I’m sure you must have some amazing plans for this Father’s Day to delight him!

  6. I think that whatever way that it is how you connect with your dad, its beautiful. And whether its for chores and ways that he helps you out or hiking or on a rocking chair watching a sunset together, it’s important.

  7. It was a lovely read,. and that has been so much of my Papa – DO- list as well, nearly all the tasks quoted has been on his list as well.. Dads are great, love them all!

  8. It’s definitely nice to have parents around to lend a hand once in a while. I’m lucky because I also have a handy brother who lives near me who can help out too.

  9. This is sweet that your Dad helps you out. I’ve never been a single mom but when my husband deployed for half a year, I appreciated help. I tried to do it all on my own, but I found sometimes I just needed to ask for help. Especially when there were things I couldn’t figure out. (Like jumping my car battery..)

  10. Before I got married I lived by myself and my dad would come over every weekend to help me with yardwork. He was always my go-to man for fixing things around the house. I think we both kind of miss it now that I’m married 🙂 Dads are truly the best!

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