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Hi! I’m L.C. a 40 something-year-old mom of two. I live in North Carolina where I work as an attorney. In my profession, I’ve honed the skills of actively listening, identifying the true issue and offering a reasonable and achievable solution to my clients.

In my personal life, long before obtaining the law degree, my friends and family members often confided in me and sought me out for advice on various life issues. Those requests only increased after I got the law degree.

If you are wondering, Why ask L.C.? my friends and my peers would say she gives great advice…and she’s a lawyer!

I would tell you that I’ve experienced my share of peaks and valleys, and twists and turns in life. But in spite of those rough patches, God has delivered me through to the other side and as a result, in addition to a few bumps and bruises, I’ve gained wisdom.

I also strive to live a life of authenticity.

A life in which I am TRUE to myself, my beliefs and my emotions. That authenticity is evident in the advice I give!

About the Blog

A Life of Authenticity is my small piece of the internet where I share my wisdom on topics involving raising kids, relationships, career moves, money matters and faith and inspiration. It is also intended to be a safe space for my reader-friends to ask for advice on any topic of interest.

Life has its challenges and sometimes it’s really hard to push through! But for some reason in our current society, many people walk around with this facade that Life is Good…ALL.The.Time.

Don’t get me wrong…Life is good and I am truly blessed.

But let’s keep it REAL…Life is not good all of the time. Sometimes it sucks!

Sometimes, we may experience things that we don’t know how to handle. Or we know that there is something better but we don’t know how to achieve it.

Then… Ask L.C.!

If I don’t have an answer from my personal experience, I will do the necessary research to get you an answer.

However, at the end of the day, these posts are my opinion…YOU, my reader-friend, have to decide what’s right for you. YOU must be TRUE to yourself, your beliefs and your emotions.

My hope is that you leave my site encouraged, uplifted, empowered and one step closer to living a life of authenticity.

I look forward to connecting with You, here at my virtual ‘kitchen table’ on the web where we can chat over some hot chocolate!

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this website are for informational purposes only. It is not the intent of this website or its owner to give legal advice. Should you require legal advice please seek the advice of an attorney licensed to practice law in your state or country. No attorney-client relationship is created by your accessing this website.

(You knew that was coming!! )


  • I am an Afro-Latina American, born and raised in NYC.
  • I mentioned that I’m a Jesus girl. All that means is I am a Christian. My faith is my compass in navigating this life, but my faith is mine. I’m not here to push any religion on you. To do so would be the complete opposite of a Grace-filled experience (which is what I hope you experience while visiting this site).
  • My two kids are 14 years apart (yes you read that right)! My son is 18 and my daughter is 4 yrs old.
  • I am transitioning to natural hair, so you’ll note a few different looks throughout this page. I am having fun with my hair right now. LOL
  • I was once part of a dance troupe which used to win competitions way before “that” show …. (yeah that one) was a trending.
  • My new love is Zumba. I would go every day if I could.
  • I love to coupon. My son says I’m an extreme couponer, but he’s wrong. I’m a proficient couponer. 😉
  • My drink of choice is Pepsi.
  • I hate the smell of coffee…it actually makes me want to gag. (Hence my invitation to have a cup of hot chocolate at the “kitchen table”).

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