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What is it about budding relationships…you want to know EVERYTHING about your new boo, but there is always such apprehension about asking certain questions.

Financial questions to ask before marriage


You let a few months go by, asking only the superficial questions for fear that he’ll accuse you of prying or being nosy if you ask more probing questions.

When you first started dating, you did the 411-research discussed here, but there is so much more to know…and the relationship is getting serious.

You and he agree that the purpose of dating at this stage in your life is marriage. So you are on the same page!

But before you tie the knot or jump the broom let’s acknowledge a few of the tough topics you should tackle now…like finances, past relationships, character, and family.

The subject of finances is the first installment of a four-part series on tough questions to ask your significant other before marriage!

Does this sound familiar…

You have been dating for several months and things are going really well. But there have been signs that you may have a difference of opinion on money matters.

At first, it’s his cheap stake tendencies when tipping at restaurants; even though the service and food were very good.

Then it was his bi-weekly wash and detail of his 2015 Nissan Altima which costs $100 a pop.

Or the fact that he has a roommate who lives in the basement.

Or spent his Christmas bonus on an impromptu trip with his boys to Vegas.

What does all this really mean?

Before you go any further in the relationship you must discuss finances.

But, you don’t want it to feel like an inquisition.

Try and make it a game or if you are able to touch upon these questions organically then do so.

Either way, if you see a future with this guy you want to ensure that you can accept his perspectives on money.

Money issues are one of the top three causes of divorce in America. So, let’s do what you can to start off on the right foot.


Financial questions to ask before marriage


  1. Do you live within your means or beyond your means?
  2. Are you a spender or saver? Do you have an emergency fund or savings?
  3. Do you budget your money by itemizing your income against your expenses? Is that budget written down or is it ‘all in your head’?
  4. What is your FICO score?
  5. How many revolving credit cards do you have? Are you currently carrying a balance on any? If so how much?
  6. Do you have student loans? How much? Are you paying them off? What’s your payoff target date?
  7. Do you file taxes annually or quarterly (if you own a business)? Do you typically owe the government, get a refund or break even?
  8. What is your position on prenuptial agreements?
  9. Are there any bankruptcies, foreclosures, suits, wage attachments, liens or judgments on your credit report?
  10. What is your plan for getting out of debt? Or staying out of debt?
  11. Do you have a retirement plan? 401k? IRA? Investment property? Other?
  12. Do you have any outstanding personal or business loans not reflected on a credit report?
  13. Do you gamble (beyond the occasional lottery)? If so, how frequently? What do you typically bet on? What’s the most you’ve lost on one bet?
  14. Are you current on your child support? Do you have an education fund set up for your kids?
  15. Do you carry life insurance? Disability insurance? Car insurance? Are your payments up to date or paid in full for the year?

No matter how awkward it may be to have frank conversations with your partner, you must push past awkward if you are considering a future with this person.

It is far better to walk into a marital relationship fully informed with your eyes wide open than blissfully in love and ignorant! Oh, and be prepared to answer these same questions when the tables reverse!

Let’s tackle the tough topics head on!

I want to hear from you…did you discuss finances with your partner prior to getting serious?

Are there any questions that I left out?

Financial questions to ask before marriage


  1. This is very interesting. I don’t recall having a particular conversation on the matter but we knew each other so well there were no surprises on finances.

  2. Love these! Thank you for sharing them. I had a conversation with my boyfriend about finances because of it, so I really appreciate it.

  3. This a conversation that so many couple do not have. And given that the main cause of arguments among couples is money, think asking these questions would help tremendously.

  4. Me and my partner have recently been having a lot of serious conversations for the future but financial planning is something we haven’t touched upon yet. These are some great thought starters for us to begin our conversation.

  5. Such a great advice. In India we yet don’t question all these things before marriage, but after being happily married for 6years, I know that it is a must.

  6. This is so important to do. Some people are terrible with their money and I personally wouldn’t want to be with someone who was. I met my husband in high school so I already knew he had no money. Same with me. When we got married we had very little money, but budgeted. Granted, he wanted to go out and buy more stuff, but he learned real quick that it wasn’t a smart thing to do.

  7. Yes! I am here for every single one of these questions. In fact, if my husband had not answered favorably to my financial questions we would have stopped dating. Now 11 years later I can testify that his knowledge of how to be fiscally responsible has helped keep us married and happy.

  8. This is such an important topic. If I ever were considering getting married I would ask all of this plus some. Besides if you plan to spend a large number of years with someone and having finances connected you have to know what you are getting into.

  9. I think these questions are important. I think people are ready to jump into a marriage quickly without knowing who the person really is. Financial aspect is a huge part of marriage as you will now be coming finances. If im going to spend my life with someone these questions are never too awkward to ask..

  10. These are great questions! My husband and I thoroughly discussed finances before marriage. We still do. 2 years into our marriage we paid off our debt and became homeowners.

  11. Yes, yes, yes! Talking about finances is an absolute must before saying I do and entering into a marriage. With finances being the number one cause of divorce in our country, having a idea of your spouse’s Financial ideology can improve the chances of a marriage lasting a lot longer with a lot less stress.

  12. Considering the fact that the number 1 cause of arguments in marriage is about finances, it’s important to make sure of some of these things.


  13. Yes! Gosh this is great advice, so many people feel like they do not need to speak about finances prior to marriage and that it will all work out somehow. Rather ask and be aware than be sorry afterwards.

  14. People think I’m weird, but I have no problem having this discussion WEEK 1. I don’t need to get to know you and like you and find out we are on different financial paths! A lot of people who know me wonder how me and my guy get along. He eats out daily. But on the flip side, he does not cook not one thing at home, not even popcorn. So it works out. I’m like Creflo Dollar…. You gotta ask QUESTIONS!

  15. Really awkward to ask but these are something that we usually missed to ask before marriage. I agree with you, financial aspects before settling down must be part of couple’s discussion.

  16. I thought I really knew my hubby before we got married, we discussed a lot of the questions above, but the one I should have focused on was number 2! He is a huge spender and i’m a huge saver!! It’s not pretty 🙂 hahahah

  17. Marriage scares me partially for this topic! These questions are so important to be asked before diving in! I don’t have a spouse yet but will be keeping these handy for the future mr.

  18. You have a lot of good advice here. With the way the world going in terms of relationships, people are scared of asking very personal questions for the fear of being dumped. But, we have to ask them and not end of regretting. Great post!

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